Monday, April 8, 2013

The prolonging winter

Well, one of my first days of cycling today and it was kind of disappointing. I woke up with the sun shining, no trace of any kind of snow in the streets and a good day to ride a cheap road bike BUT! Yes, a big but! When I stepped outside, my senses of spring washed all out of my head and I was shocked to feel so cold. Windy, freezing temperature, snow at some places, I guess its the prolonging winter that tricks us.

Also, I noticed some of my friends in Europe complaining about the weather there too. I don't know about them if it's colder and colder year after year but I read some newspaper that is was getting colder in the northern part of Europe. So I think it's a global phenomenon that occurs each year. I don't live in Europe but I've been and it's surprisingly cold when you get in the north. While it's getting colder in there, here in North America, we see some drastic changes where there's more tornados, hurricanes, major earthquakes in the USA. Plus, we can see more and more rivers during spring beginning to flood local towns and nearby cities.

I hope april will be more warmer and sunnier than the disappointing march. During that time, I'll check out my local bike store for some quick fix on my used road bikes. Thus, if you're interested, there is many opportunities of saving some money with things that you might need or might be helpful on your cheap road bike. So you can Shop Discount Bicycle Parts and Components at!

P.S: I'll try to add some french content for those of you who are interested. Since english is not my primary language, I'm able to do so. VoilĂ ! Thank you guys.

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